For an unforseeable period of restrictions, to ensure a prompt and an easy access for a private psychiatric consultation, referrals will be processed through email only.

For a prompt response complete the Contact Form.

Please click to email your referral letter or email to to organise a consultation.

Most insurance companies are supportive of  continuity of care during these difficult times through telephone or video link. Please confirm with the insurance company prior to the referral.


Information will be provided to you prior to the appointment via a text message or an email to confirm the appointment and method of appointment. 

For pre-allocated appointment time you will be contacted via telephone or a video link. 


Unfortunately, Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has brought new challenges to our lives. Importantly, it is essential to be safe and stay well and take precautions. 

Social isolation and distancing is important for everyone’s safety. Apart from impact on our daily life, these measures have a significant impact on our mental health. It is important to look after your body and mind together. 

During this period there are limitations on face to face consultations. Most medical consulting rooms are open with limited capacity.

In the meantime you have the opportunity for a remote consultation through a video-link.

How to contact:


For private consultations:


For a prompt response for a video-link or telephone appointment please complete an online Contact Form 


or email


Phone: 07459126763


During the difficult period of COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic there are limitiations on face to face consultations.