What to expect


The first step in receiving the right help for any medical concern including mental health problems is receiving a comprehensive evaluation. For your psychiatric consultation a detailed information will be obtained to determine the most likely diagnosis. This will help in determining the most effective evidence based treatment.
The discussion in your consultation will cover the following:
  • current problems and symptoms that you might be experiencing
  • your physical health
  • current medication
  • past illnesses including physical, psychological and psychiatric heatlh
  • previous treatments
  • family health and family relationships
  • personal history including childhood, schooling, employment and relationships
Initial consultation can last upto 45 minutes.
Prior to your consultation you might be asked to complete some questionnaires. These scales and questionnaires can be useful in gathering information to help in your assessment.
After the consultation a detailed letter is sent to your GP and referrer. The details of that letter are discussed with you at the end of the consultation.




How to contact:


Dr Tahir is able to offer remote / video consultations and face-to-face appointments.  


For a prompt response for a video-link or telephone appointment please complete an online Contact Form


For face-to-face / in-person clinic appointments, please contact Cyncoed Consulting Rooms, Cardiff.  


Please complete the Contact Form or email the referral.